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Argentina City Travel Experiences

Buenos Aires

At first glance, this city may make you feel like you have taken the wrong plane and ended up in Europe. It isn’t just the Spanish colonial architecture that can be found in many South American cities. Buenos Aires is also home to immigrants from many other countries, something that can be happily experienced in the different types of cuisine that are available. Italian is especially prominent and one may find that even the Spanish spoken here has a bit of an Italian flair to it.

There is no doubt that the city is a great place for trying the various types of food and wine that Argentina has to offer. What it is probably best known for, however, is the tango. Sensual as it is, the tango is much more than a dance. It is a way of experiencing the heart and soul of Argentine culture. Even those who have no desire to actually take part in it themselves should make watching it performed at least once while they are here a priority.

Give yourself a day to just walk around the old neighborhoods to soak up more of the ambiance of this unique city and take the time to stop for a cafe and a delicious pastry.


Speaking of food and wine, if you are someone who enjoys the best gastronomy, you need to pay a visit to Mendoza. There are more than 100 wineries surrounding the city, making it the perfect place to use as a home base as you sample the many varieties of wine that can be had here.

This part of Argentina is that vast that you could spend a few weeks here, and this means that prioritizing and creating a schedule is absolutely crucial in hacing the best experience. For example, if you have some particular types of wine that you prefer, you can make that a priority. Argentina is especially known for its fine red wines but it also produces many whites as well. If you are a white wine aficionado, you will want to make a trip to Cafayate where you can sample the Torrontes, a grape that was developed in Argentina.

Other ways to prioritize are the types of wineries you prefer. You can get various types of these, some are modern and large while others boast a small and warm atmosphere. You can join a pre-arranged tour or have one custom-made to your particular interests. Additionally, typical tours tend to have meals at wineries included on top.