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The Best and Coolest Futuristic Buildings to Visit

When you start talking with friends about cool futuristic buildings, the images that might be going through your mind may be images from the latest fantasy or sci-fi movie that you have seen. The images in your mind might be of a building which can float, and has settled among the clouds, or a building with an energy source which is not yet known to man, one that sets it apart and makes things weird and cool. They might feel surprised and excited, then, when they hear that futuristic buildings do not only dwell in the imagination and in books and movies, as there actually are some of them in the world of today. If one is interested in this news, then, here is a list of some of the best futuristic buildings today, one that will get anyone really excited to pack up and plan a vacation there.

The first wonderful building that seems to come right out of a movie of the future is the Galaxy Soho, a marvelous thing that one can visit if ever he or she decides to spend some time in Beijing. When you step into this magnificent building, you will feel that you are floating along on a tide of constant motion, as everything there, being circular, feels fluid. This building is actually four buildings which are connected by a lot of unique walkways, and those who go into it will feel that they are wandering through an alien spaceship.

Another beautiful futuristic site that people who are into these kinds of things can visit is in Singapore, and it is called Reflections at Keppel Bay. When you visit this spot, what you will see are three very slender and very tall buildings which all lean at an angle together – this sight is not unlike the famous leaning tower of Pisa, a famous landmark in the world. People who have seen this sight have said that there is something strange and almost eerie about seeing these skinny towers leaning together against the skyline, and it is definitely something worth seeing.

Last but not least, those who want to go into the bizarre and strange should take the time to visit Toronto, where the Strata SE1 is located. This building is actually a massive residential condo, and its triangular shape and the wind turbines which can be found at its top really set it apart from any other structure in the world.

Those who want to learn more about interesting buildings to see today, then, can click here for more info on where to find others of similar interest.

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