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Procedures of a Good Massage

Getting a full body massage is usually a great way of helping someone to minimize or eliminate stress and overworked muscles. A full body massage may also be a way that two people can become more intimate. There are usually good procedures that are usually undertaken in the event of a full body massage.

Thsre should be no disturbances or discomfort in the room. Discomfort usually leads to an unsuccessful massage and hence should be avoided. There should be either a clean and soft bed, massage table or rug to lie on. The temperature inside the room should not be very low.

Lit candles in the massage room usually bring a desired feeling in the client. It is essential during a massage to either use very low lights or just the lighting from the candles. The candle scent should also be relaxing and should not be too strong.

Some fine music specifically for massage sessions should be played. In a good massage parlor, they will always ask what kind of music best soothes you. There should be massage oil that is special for use during a massage. There should be an availability of as many towels as would be needed during the massage session. The towels are usually for covering the working surface, to cover the client’s body and also to wipe excess oils from the attendant’s hands.

The massage procedure should start with soles of the feet. The massage of the feet is done by massaging one foot at a time. Some little amount of force should be applied on each toe in order to relieve tension. The massage procedure should then be worked upwards to the legs. Relaxation strokes starting from the thighs should be done during the massage of the legs.

The back should be massaged using gentle strokes beginning from the lower back to the upper back. The next point should be the neck and the shoulders. This should be done by using the press and release technique to massage the neck. The upper limbs should then be massaged after having done with the neck and shoulders. The final part of the massage should be the head and face by using thumbs to gently do the massage.

A perfect massage should always be done slowly so as to give a relaxing experience. Each part of the body should be taken care of individually and in a slow manner. A good massage should be done in a proper and professional manner. The massage session should not be quiet but the massage therapist should always engage the client in a conversation. This helps in understanding the desires of the client during the massage. The massage therapist should also pay close attention to any knots on the back of the client. The backbone and all the other bones should be avoided during a massage session.

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